Chatroom Rules

By chatting on this site you agree to our rules. For questions and/or comments you can use our contact form.
NOTE: In case of complaints about serious cases, Furry chat may decide to report this to the police.

To keep the chat box cozy, we have drawn up a number of rules. If you decide not to adhere to this, you have a chance to be (permanently) banned from the chat box.

The minimum age to chat on is 13+.
Chatters who are younger will be removed from the chat box immediately.

General Information

First of all, we want to make it clear that chatting is meant to be relaxing, so don't worry. If someone is being annoying or arguing: Just ignore it. If you start swearing back, you run the risk of (also) being thrown out yourself. Be wise and behave.

Do not advertise to third parties.

Do not promote other Chat websites. If you do this, we will have to report this to ACM. If you want to advertise on our chatbox please contact us contact Form


Any NSFW or sexually tinted messages or images posted will immediately be deleted, and the user who sends them will be removed from the chat.


Soliciting any romantic, sexual or immoral relationship is against the rules of furrychat. Messages such as "looking for kisses" "looking for cuddles" or "looking for a partner" may lead to the user being permanently banned.

Harmful substances

Any talk of illegal or intoxicating substances in the chat is strictly against the rules and will be removed.

Dangerous weapons.

Talk of weapons, or posting images of guns, knives, or any threatening weapon will be immediately removed and the user will be removed from the website..


Excessive repetition of the same text is not permitted. (flooding)

Private messages.

Keep private messages private and don't repeat them in the main room.

No pedophilia/child pornography

Approaching underage chatters for sexual activity of any form. If this is detected, a report is immediately made to the police. A report is also made to the internet crime center.

No VPN/Proxy/Tor

Connect to proxy/VPN. Some connections may be refused.

Bothered by another chatter

Do you suffer from another chatter? Set them to ignore by viewing their profile, pressing the three lines on the top right corner and selecting the ignore option. If the user continues to annoy you after you have ignored them, you may report this to an admin/mod in private.

No sex chats in the our chat rooms

Having sexual conversations in furry chat is prohibited.

Forbidden to name-call and discriminate.

No discriminatory, racist, sexist or any other offensive statements.

Capital letters or capslock

No excessive use of capital letters (capslock/shift).


Reposting photos of other chatters is not permitted. If you are found doing this, you risk being kicked and even being banned.
You may not claim material on the internet, such as fursonas as your own.

Invite to social media.

Invite to social media. (e.g. Skype, Facebook, Kik, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.) is not allowed on the main chat.

Not an offensive name.

Sexually tinted nicknames must not be used! If you break this rule, you have a chance that you will be deleted or even banned.

No contact or private information in the channel

You are not allowed to exchange private data (telephone numbers, facebook, e-mail, addresses…etc) in the chat.

Provision of services is prohibited

It is forbidden to perform acts that have to do with money, such as buying or selling goods and offering or purchasing services.

In case of ambiguity

If a situation arises where the main rules do not cover a situation, the admins will come up with a solution. The admins therefore have the last word, instructions from them must then be followed at all times.

Unwanted private

Unsolicited private messages are not desired. if you suffer from people who try to private message you against your wishes, change your settings to private only for friends. Unnecessary reporting can result in a kick.

Never give personal information

Never give personal information to strangers on the chat, even in private conversations.

Help Management/Admins

The moderators/admins determine when something falls within or outside the rules. If you do not agree with a decision, you can discuss it privately with a moderator / admin The admins do not discuss the rules, their enforcement and the associated measures. For comments, questions and suggestions you can fill in the contact form. Arguing about the rules, etc. can result in a kick or ban.


In the event of non-compliance or violation of the terms or privacy, all services will lapse.


The language on the chat box is English for other languages that you want to type, so you can do that in a Private chat!

Prohibited Profiles

Having any profiles, or sending any messages, that lead people to believe you are a soldier, hacker, police officer, private investigator, etc. will be removed, and may lead to you being banned.


Tip! If you are bothered by the way someone chats we recommend using the beautiful ignore button, which is offered to you completely free of charge by Furry Chat.